On friday February 14th, 2014 I had a photo shoot with the wonderful photographer Laura Domnar, and the makeup artist Keisha-Maria Chisholm. These two amazing and talented ladies made me feel very welcome at the shoot, which took place at the Sheridan College, Oakville. We started off by doing my hair, and then my makeup which turned out to be very beautiful and “Doll-Like” (considering that was our theme). Then we continued to pick the wardrobe, my first outfit was a peachy-pink dress with a lace top, pink tights, and beige heels, This was our sweet, but emotionless doll. The next outfit was the more “spooky” one, I wore a black tutu, that had red leafs inside it at the bottom, a black lace top, and long red high heel boots, this was a very intense but awesome look! Our second last look was “Alice in Wonderland” themed, very curious, sweet, and interesting, this one I had the most fun with because I had to act really bubbly and as if I was seeing everything around me for the first time, I was wearing a white skirt with a flower design at the bottom, a lace crop top, and beautiful white lace Louboutin heels. The last look was similar ┬ábut we were only doing head shots in it, I had a purple bubble skirt on, and a really sparkly top! This look created the most interesting type of photographs! At the end of the day we had SO many interesting and beautiful photos! This was so much fun! And both the makeup artist and photographer are so talented, I recommend them to anyone looking for some interesting and creative works, but anything simple can be done as well! I will be seeing the pictures in a couple of days, and will be sure to post them along with photos from previous photo shoots. I hope everyone had an amazing Valentine’s Day, and Family Day, keep working hard to achieve your dreams, and remember to always stay healthy and active, take new opportunities, and live your life up to the fullest! You will regret every chance that you don’t take.

My first outfit, and makeup from the shoot.

Written by: Maria

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