My marketing company has some great ideas that can help your company attract new customers. We want your product to appear as luxurious and superior to simple towels. When I think monogram I think luxury, so my idea takes place in this big beautiful mansion. The setting for this would be a beautiful summer day; two golden metal doors open to a beautiful drive way. A Rolls Royce drives up to this fancy mansion and beautiful woman with golden hair comes out of the car. She walks up the steps and through the doors into her bed room then into a huge bath room with lion heads, fancy statues. A bubble bath is already ready for her to slip into. The bath tub is surrounded by candles and she has a Champaign glass waiting for her next to the tub. Classical music is playing in the back ground, and then a very well built gentleman walks into the bath room and says dinner is served my lady. He is wearing white pants and his body is glistening with nice tanned skin. The beautiful woman rises from the tub and the gentlemen pulls a fancy white personalized towel monogrammed with gold “LUXURY” to cover her. She is now out of the tub and goes into her bedroom. She leaves the towel on the bed while she changes into her clothes (this part is done off camera) the woman is now walking out of the room and the camera is back on the towel, then the camera focuses on a maid walking in to clean the room. She sees the towel on the bed and walks over to it. She looks around then strokes the monogram ”LUXURY” with her hands, holds the towel to her face and gently strokes her face with it. She hears a voice so she hides the towel and takes it out of the room. Later that night the maid is in her bath tub full of bubbles. She steps out as she just finished her bath grabs a towel and wraps herself with it. It is the towel she took from the room. The camera zooms on the white towel to show the GOLD monogram “LUXURY” on the towel. Commercial ends with a female voice saying “Luxury comes monogrammed by Signature”. Another idea I have is to create a flash commercial. The first scene a woman and a man walking out on a balcony they are wrapped in white towels monogrammed with HIS on his towel and HERS on her towel.  Second scene is at the beach a child was playing in the water, she is wet from playing with the water, she running to her mom, she has golden hair green eyes, her mom picks up a pink towel and she wraps her in it, the towel is monogrammed Princess.  Third scene takes place on the golf course, a golfer with his caddy are walking around playing golf, the golfer is hot and his face is sweating, his caddy pulls a white towel monogrammed Champion.  Four scene, it’s a bridal shower, the bride gets handed a gift box, she opens the box and inside the box are personalized towels that have been monogrammed, one is monogrammed Husband and the other towel is monogrammed Wife. Fifth scene takes place at Christmas, the whole family is gathered around the Christmas three and gifts are being passed around, a box gets handed to the grandmother and another box gets handed to the grandfather, they open there boxes and the grandmother towel is monogrammed with Best Grandma in the world and the grandfathers towel is monogrammed with Best Granddad in the world. Sixth scene, a woman drops off her beautiful puppy to a dog grooming shop, the grooming shop is fancy, the dog has been given a both and is being pulled out of the water, the dog groomer takes a towel and wraps the dog with it, the towel is monogrammed Prince Charming. The last scene takes place in the hospital where a women just gave birth to triplets, three nurses walk into the room where the new born where wrapped in personalized towels each towel has been monogrammed with the child’s name. Then a collage of all the scenes comes on the screen saying for all your precious moments celebrate them with Signature What do you get for the man that has everything commercial? The last idea I have is a girlfriend is trying to get a gift for her boyfriend’s birthday.  He is out of town and she had come into his house to try to find what she can get him. She opens his closet it is full of tops, pants, suits, shirts, shoes, and hats she closes the closet and she sighs.  She goes into his office and it is full of electronics, ipad, ipod, laptop and a whole bunch of other electronics, she sighs again then goes down to the basement into his hobbies room and he has a drum set, guitar, saxophone and other instruments, she sighs again with frustration. She is running up and down the house looking through his things she is opening drawers throwing things around, clothes all of the closet floor, she leaves the whole house in a big mess, she finally sits down all frustrated does not know what she is going to get her boyfriend.  Her dog takes the TV converter with his mouth and stands in front of her looking at her with its beautiful big eyes.   She grabs the TV converter and turns on the TV, she sees the end of a commercial for Signature She is smiling and runs to the laptop.  The camera fades and comes back showing her boyfriend walking into the house from being away; he walks intro the house wearing a suite pulling his suit case through the door to find the whole house in a mess.  He looks around and then sees his girlfriend standing there in the middle of the miss. She greets him with a birthday cake and hands him a box, he opens the box and inside the box is a personalized Towel, the towel is monogrammed Will you marry me.  The boyfriend smiles and gives her a kiss the commercial ends.

Written by: Melissa Wakileh
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