Okay, I know I haven’t been posting in a while! YIKES! But I got a couple of big ones coming up here! So here it comes…

The first event I went to I did not wear my sash or crown, why? I did not want to shine out and have all the attention on me, when it wasn’t my event, and it was for a sad but reasonable cause! The event was made to fund-raise money for medications in Ukraine. A young lady named Halyna was hosting and organizing the event, she planned to buy medicine and fly to Ukraine to give it to those in need. The minimum you could put in to join the event (which included a coupon to the restaurant where it was being held, for a free appetizer if you buy a main course! YUM!) was $20 I know there is a lot of people in need of help there, and people who are close to me that have families there which are struggling, so why not put in $50, right? Anyway, I went with my boyfriend and we decided not to put those coupons to waste and have dinner there! The restaurant is called Ganzi, it is Italian… And the whole menu is IN ITALIAN! So we both had to ask the waiter what every single item on the menu was… That was not so exciting. But the food, oh my goodness the food was heaven sent! The portions were not so big, but the way it was prepared, served, and how it tasted was perfection! I have never been to Italy (although I REALLY REALLY want to!) but I’m quite sure that that is what the food there would taste like! Ganzi is not sponsoring me, and I am not doing this “promotion” because I have made a deal, I am saying this straight from my heart! All in all that was a great night! Many people came out to support Ukraine, and give money for a good cause, plus the food was definitely worth the 1 and a half hour long drive.

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