Hi everybody welcome to my blog! My name is Maria (Or Masha) Mezenina, and I’ll be writing here at least once a week!  I was born in Yekaterinburg, Russia it is a city that is located on the boarder of Europe and Asia.

When I was seven years old, my family and I moved to Toronto Canada. I grew up with my sister and both of my parents until, the age of eleven when they divorced and my father moved back to Russia. Throughout my life, I was involved in several different activities such as, rhythmic gymnastics, where I had the chance to train in the Russian Olympic Reserve School in Moscow, in three different provinces around Canada, and competed as a National Level Athlete.

Competition in Montreal, Quebec (2011)

Training in the Russian Olympic Reserve School, Moscow, Russia. (2010) 

With the Wascana Rhythmic Gymnastics team, in Regina Saskatchewan. (2013) 

I was also engaged in classical ballet and performed twice in The Nutcracker, and in The Fairy Doll Ballet. I studied modern dance as well but did not do any competitions or shows related to it.

The Nutcracker, Waltz of the Flowers (2011) 

The Fairy Doll, Japanese Dolls (2012) 

In elementary school I was also involved in several sports such as volleyball, basketball, badminton, cross country, and track and field.

Unfortunately at the end of the year of 2012 I injured my back, which caused me to quit rhythmic gymnastics, ballet, and dance. That was when I got involved in healthy eating, and hitting the gym to stay in shape!

Aside from all the sports, I also have a wide interest in criminology, psychology, philosophy, and kenisiology, I am planning to get three university degrees and later become a teacher. I have a huge love for kids, and inspiring the young to be open minded and intelligent individuals. In fact, almost every place I have done volunteer work at involves children, and every job I have ever worked did, and does, too.

Now that you know more about me, you probably want to know why I entered the pageant right?

Well now that I am a delegate for the title of Miss Teenage Canada 2014, my dream is to be an inspiration and role model to the younger generation, and to those struggling with eating disorders. My goal is to motivate those living an unhealthy lifestyle to overcome their bad eating habits and start being healthy and active individuals. I believe that Miss Teenage Canada could really help me reach my goal, and that I will be able spread the message and help others!

I’m really looking forward to meet the beauties from all over Canada, and have the week of a lifetime!

If you’re down here you probably read the whole post, YAY! So thank you for reading, don’t be shy to leave a comment (As long as it’s not rude), and remember to follow my Facebook and Twitter page!

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