July 20th, this Sunday was full of nothing and full of everything! This day we had our official photoshoot, videoshoot, and interview! So many things, but because there’s a whole 56 of us, there was a lot of waiting that had to be done! But before we could start, we had to have our hair and makeup done, motives cosmetics did an amazing job!


Later we got changed into our cocktail dresses


In that we did our photoshoot and videoshoot, which was so much fun! The photographer and videographer both made you feel very comfortable and relaxed, even if something was going wrong!

Interview was obviously quite nerve wrecking, but I believe I did a good job. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of my interview outfit, but I’ll describe it in a few short words; sleek black dress, up to my knees, with a flower on the top left corner! And a classy redish/pinkish jacket, and black high heels.

It was lots of fun, and I had an amazing day!

Written by: Maria
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