Today was an amazing first day of MTCW! I arrived at the hotel at 2 and checked into my room by 3. My roomate is Mercy Maddox, she is such a sweet girl! After all the girls got checked in we went down to registration where we all got our sashes and handed in our forms. Afterwards, we were directed in a room with a bunch of our sponsors. We got to hear from sponsors such as hi-tec canada and pretty sweet bakery as well as Free The Children. Hi-Tec Canada is providing us with shoes for our work outs. They have a variety of different styles that are very light weight and great for exercising! Pretty Sweet Bakery gave us samples of their delicious treats. They offer personalized cookies with edible marker writing! Apart from cookies they also have brownies and cupcakes. The Free The Children booth booth was very eyecatching and informative. They provided us with packages with information about different countries and their efforts to support them. Overall, it was a great first day and I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Written by: Melissa Wakileh
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