With roller coasters, water rides and funnel cake- Canada’s Wonderland is the place to be this summer! Being one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vaughan, this theme park attracts families and people of all ages to join in on thrills, laughs and a great time.  Not only does it offer a wide variety of roller coasters for the thrill seeker but, it also has an area specifically for kids to enjoy as well as games, a theatre and a waterpark for those who don’t enjoy rides. Wonderland does a great job of providing options to their guests as they also have a variety of places to eat to satisfy every appetitie. Canada’s Wonderland is renowned for their epic firework show. So why not grab the family this Canada day long weekend and experience it for yourself. Although Canada’s Wonderland is an amazing theme park, Niagara Falls is also a must go attraction this summer. Thanks Niagara Falls for sponsoring the Miss Teen Canada World 2nd blog challenge

Written by: Melissa Wakileh
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